WordPress Theme deCoder 0.9

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WordPress Theme deCoder 0.9

Today I’d like to present my new WordPress theme deCoder. It is a dark style and easy customizable theme. The clean layout and the multi-level dropdown menu make it look professional. See the demo and download it!

This version of deCoder is no longer supported!
The theme deCoder will be officially updated in the near future.

The WordPress theme deCoder ist already compatible to WordPress 2.7 with threaded comments and sticky posts. But it is backward compatible to older versions. An important feature is the multi-level dropdown Superfish category menu.


  • simple, clean easy customizable layout
  • fixed width, 2 columns, right sidebar, widget ready
  • multi-level dropdown menu (IE problems?)
  • threaded comments with avatars
  • sticky posts

Compatible up to

  • WordPress 2.7 (backward compatible to 2.5)
  • Firefox 2 – 3
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Safari
  • Opera

Download & Preview

This version of deCoder is no longer supported!
The theme deCoder will be officially updated in the near future.


Moin, ich bin Simon und ehemaliger Betreiber dieses Blogs.

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  • Straderade - am 18. Dezember 2008 -

    Another great theme by webdemar! You are one of my favorite WordPress Theme designers yet.

    I really like the fact that you create themes that are basic and clean but yet are not boring and allow easy customization.

    I have used your deFusion Theme on two of my websites so far and I love them. I look forward to taking this one and applying it to one of my projects.

    Thanks Again Webdemar!!

    • webdemar - am 18. Dezember 2008 -

      Thanks man! Very nice to hear that. There will be more free themes in the future and also some open source premium themes!

  • Straderade - am 18. Dezember 2008 -


    I look forward to them!

  • Dan Birlew - am 20. Dezember 2008 -

    Fantastic theme! Clean, precise, awesome. Great work. I’m trying to make my phpBB forums look the same, is there any chance you’ll adapt it? Also, is there a way to move the search bar into the header, or can you tell me how to manipulate the layout to do that? Thank you again for making this awesome theme!

  • webdemar - am 20. Dezember 2008 -


    I’m sorry but I’ve never built a phpBB theme :-( To move the search form into the header add another div inside the div with ID header (header.php) and put the searchform call into it as follows:

    < ?php include(TEMPLATEPATH. '/searchform.php'); ?>

    In the style.css put the following:

    #search-header {
    	position: absolute;
    	right: 0px;
    	bottom: 40px;

    With right and bottom you can change the position to your needs. Hope this helps :-)

  • Dan Birlew - am 21. Dezember 2008 -

    Thanks for the code! It worked perfectly for Google Chrome and probably Firefox, but for IE I had to add “width: 240px” to keep it from stretching. Also, for IE I had to add “img {border: none}” to the css. But it’s not your fault that IE sucks! =)

    Also, I found a phpBB theme that my users really like, and it’s similar enough to deCoder. Thanks again!

  • Aknosis - am 22. Dezember 2008 -

    I like this theme a lot. I always prefer darker styles and the blues keep this theme from being too dark. I’ve got it up on my blog now. I did however find a small error in the javascript in header.php. (It is also present when previewing the theme)

    You forgot to close the jquery document.ready function.
    Inside the theme editor edit header.php and add “});” without quote after the .superfish();

  • webdemar - am 22. Dezember 2008 -

    @Dan & Aknosis:

    Thanks a lot guys. Will fix these bugs asap.

  • Lee - am 22. Dezember 2008 -

    deCoder is very nice,I have used it in my site,but how to define the order of categories on the top of blog content?

  • Dan Birlew - am 8. Januar 2009 -

    Hey webdemar, Happy New Year! Just wanted to amend my previous comment; adding width: 240px fixes the search form in the header as I previously said, but it doesn’t solve the problem on a “Not found!” query. The problem in the Stylesheet.css is that you have float:left in #searchform #search and float: right in #searchform #search-submit. You don’t need both, so I fixed the search box everywhere it appears by deleting float: right; from #searchform #search-submit. Just wanted you and other users to know that this is the real solution to the form-button separation problem that occurs outside the sidebar.

    • webdemar - am 9. Januar 2009 -


      Happy New Year, Dan! I used the floats to make it look the same in all browsers. Sure there are other ways (float just one / float both to the left etc.) but I chose this one. I the latest Version of deCoder I added a 250px (to have a 10px margin) width to #searchform. Thanks anyway :-) Your page and the forum look nice by the way!

  • Jennifer - am 15. Januar 2009 -

    How do install your DeCoder theme to my Word Press account?

  • Jennifer - am 16. Januar 2009 -

    @ webdemar

    I read several of those posts over and over but still seem to be missing something. I downloaded my theme and uploaded it to my server (FTP) though I do not think that is the source of my blog. So I then selected another theme and slowly copied and pasted over the present them to get the new code. Now I’m in between designs. Ah! Sorry, I’m a newbie.

  • Dan Birlew - am 18. Januar 2009 -

    Hey webdemar! Recently upgraded to 0.9.1. Site looks perfect now in all browsers. You did great work on the menu, tables, bulleted lists, and more features I probably don’t even use. Thanks, and take care!

  • TJ - am 18. Januar 2009 -

    Nice theme. I did strip some of the logic out as it seemed that it would randomly think that my Gallery pages (Slickr) where 404 and would display the “oops sorry” title in the header bar. I also changed the header menu to show pages as opposed to categories. I only have one question because my sleepy mind can’t figure it..

    When you click on a category and view the posts, it lists the category name at the top of the page, I don’t really want that.

  • Dan Birlew - am 18. Januar 2009 -

    Oh, forgot to ask! My comments don’t look quite like the ones in your demo. Can you tell me if a certain plugin is required? Thanks.

  • webdemar - am 19. Januar 2009 -


    To get rid off the category title just open up archive.php an delete the lines from 9 to 29 (h2 with id category-title).

  • webdemar - am 19. Januar 2009 -


    That’s because you have WordPress 2.7. These comments look different. But you can enable threaded comments on Settings > Discussion > Other comment settings. That’s what this dark button is for.

    Anyway you’re right. The 2.7 comments are not as beautiful as the one is older Versions. But at the moment I’m too busy to fix that :-|

  • Blake Fosdick - am 19. Januar 2009 -

    Is there a way to get the Menu’s to work in IE6 ?

    • webdemar - am 20. Januar 2009 -


      Sorry Blake. I decided not to support IE6 in my private projects any more. So I didn’t do any testing :-|

  • Matt - am 20. Januar 2009 -

    Hey man! Great WordPress theme! Thanks!

    Question: I customized the theme to remove the sidebar from a few pages but still have the gray bar, see http://www.matttehonica.com/blog/videos/ Any ideas how I can remove this???

    Thanks again!

    • webdemar - am 20. Januar 2009 -


      The sidebar background is actually a background image of div#content – bg-content.gif. For the pages without sidebar you could add a class with background:none.

  • Dan Birlew - am 20. Januar 2009 -

    Thanks, that looks much better. And sorry, that’s something I should have been able to figure out from the WP codex.

    One last question (I think =P), if I were to remove comments.php and rename comments.old.php, would the comments then resemble the ones in the demo? Or is there another step, or would that just mess everything up?

    • webdemar - am 20. Januar 2009 -


      Sure you can do that. But unfortunately threaded comments won’t be displayed then. This will be improved in a future version of deCoder.

  • Matt - am 20. Januar 2009 -

    Thanks for the response! Could you expand a little more on how to remove that background from the right side? Where do I set the background:none??


  • webdemar - am 20. Januar 2009 -


    Sorry dude. Could have been more precise. If you do not want the sidebar background at all, just delete the background of the div with the ID content (but leave the z-index) from the stylesheet (style.css):

    #content {
    	background: url(img/bg-content.gif) repeat-y right top;
    	z-index: 1; /* IE z-index bug */

    If you need to get rid of the sidebar on only a few pages you could add another class to the content div in the page.php depending on what page you’re on.

    Where x and y are page IDs. On these pages the css class ‘no-sidebar’ would be echoed. In the style.css you could add the following:

    .no-sidebar {
        background: none;

    Hope this works. I did not test it! Good luck. Let me know if you have further problems.

  • Mike - am 22. Januar 2009 -


    I absolutely love this WP theme! It is just the layout and colors I was looking for my photography blog. So, thank you for your time and effort that went into making this theme possible and for sharing it with all of us.

    I have a comment/question/request to make. I am currently studying web design and I try to make everything I do XHTML 1.0 strict and so I did that with your deCoder theme and there were only two things I had to change. First was the doctype declaration. The second was surrounding the site search input tags with paragraph tags. After those two changes it validated to XHTML 1.0 strict. Would you be willing to change those two things on the deCoder theme to make it validate to XHTML 1.0 Strict?

    Thank you again for your wonderful work and you have a wonderful day.


  • Mike - am 22. Januar 2009 -

    Correction – Those changes will only make the index page XHTML 1.0 compliant. I am working on making the single post page validate.

  • Mike - am 23. Januar 2009 -


    It has been a few days since I have installed your theme and I still start drooling when I look at my own blog.

    So, as far as getting the WordPress theme to validate to XHTML 1.0 Strict there were actually a few more things. To get thi main index page to validate only the doctype declaration and the search input needed to be cleaned up. To get the rest of the site to validate the comment form input and input labels need to be wrapped in tags so they validate. I chose to wrap them in paragraph tags which worked without changing the visual layout of the pages. One more thing that will make pages not validate is adding a link that is set to open in a new window using the target=”_blank” This tag is no longer standards compliant but will be up to the user not to use it. Thanks again for this great theme you have contributed to the community.


  • Dan Birlew - am 24. Januar 2009 -

    Hey Webdemar, I’m going to quit saying this will be last comment! :) I’m finding a problem with numbered lists in IE 7, the numbers are not displaying. I’ve looked through the CSS and the values you have there look right so I really can’t see the problem. But I’m not an expert. Please look at “An Ordered and an Unordered List” in your demo with IE and you’ll see the problem.

    Thanks! (Until next time :) )

  • Dan Birlew - am 24. Januar 2009 -

    Quick follow up, I found this link that might help explain/fix the IE problem: http://konstruktors.com/blog/design-suggetions/125-how-to-create-beautiful-and-elegant-html-lists-using-css/

    Switched the lists to bullet points for the time being until you can give me some new CSS to paste in there. Thanks!

  • webdemar - am 24. Januar 2009 -


    You’re doing a great job as my number one bug reporter :-) Thanks for that!

    Regarding the ordered lists: I messed up the styles. Please change:

    .box-left ul, ol, .post ul, ol, .page ul, ol {
    	margin: 0 0 20px 0;
    	line-height: 22px;
    .box-left ul, .post ul, .page ul {
    	padding: 0 0 0 20px;
    	list-style: none;

    This is bullshit! The right way is:

    .box-left ol, .post ol, .page ol {
    	line-height: 22px;
    .box-left ul, .post ul, .page ul {
    	line-height: 22px;
    	padding: 0 0 0 20px;
    	list-style: none;

    With this one it worked in IE7. Did not test it in IE6.

  • Dan Birlew - am 24. Januar 2009 -

    Works perfect in IE7 now, thank you! As for IE6, I really can’t be bothered by people who refuse to update their software. :D

    • webdemar - am 24. Januar 2009 -

      Your’re so right Dan! :-)

  • _viri_TT_ - am 27. Januar 2009 -

    Hello webdemar.

    In first place i want to regard one more time your wonderfull themes.

    Then i would like to ask you if is there anyway to use that blue top bar to show pages instead of the categories ?

    I ask this because your deFusion theme worked very nice and in my opinion it is easier to surf on that theme.

    Best regards.

    • webdemar - am 27. Januar 2009 -


      Open header.php and change this:

      < ?php wp_list_categories('title_li=&sort_column=menu_order'); ?>

      to this:

      < ?php wp_list_pages('title_li='); ?>

      Now to display categories in the sidebar to the same the other way around in the sidebar.php :-)

  • _viri_TT_ - am 28. Januar 2009 -

    Thanks a lot.

    It is perfect now :D

    Best regards.

  • Derek - am 29. Januar 2009 -

    I really like the way the black and blue go together.

    Looking forward to using this theme in the future.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  • FloZ - am 30. Januar 2009 -

    Hi, i really like your theme. I just have one problem with it that i dont have with other themes. For some reason the “NextGEN” Plugin (a cool gallery plugin) is not fully working. Somehow the Ajax Frame (which displays the picture and turns the background transparnet) that should display the picture after clicking a thumbnail doesnt appear. Insteed the thumbnail links directly to the image. Hope you understand my bad explantation.

    Thanks a lot for doing the good work.


    • Simon [webdemar] - am 30. Januar 2009 -

      Glad you like the theme :-) Could you give me an URL to see what exactly the problem is?

  • FloZ - am 30. Januar 2009 -

    Hi, thanks for your fast response. You can see the problem here:


    Thanks a lot!!

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 30. Januar 2009 -

      I do not see exactly where the problem is. You could try to remove the jQuery script of the superfish drop down menu from line 24. Maybe there is some kind of interference:

      The worst case would be that you cannot run the Superfish dropdown menu and the Gallery plugin. But you would be the first one who experiences that. I had other users with this plugin installed and everything was fine.

      Try to turn off other Javascripts (e.g. PicLens) step by step to maybe find the problem.

  • FloZ - am 30. Januar 2009 -

    Hi, thanks again for your help. Removed line 24 and it fixed the problem. *so.happy*
    I didnt notice that anything (besides Pictures working) changed. What does line 24 do?

    Now if only IE6 would work *dream*

    Thanks a lot ;-)


    • Simon [webdemar] - am 30. Januar 2009 -

      Cool! In line 24 the jQuery library for the dropdown menu was called. But it also works fine without it (though without animations – fade-in, slide-down). I decided not to support IE6 in my private projects any more. Too much work ;-)

  • Paul Joy - am 6. Februar 2009 -

    I just wanted to say thanks, I used your deFusion theme on my blog and when looking for one for my other site I have chose deCoder. It wasn’t until a while later I realised you did both. I must just like your style!

    I changed the top menu to list pages instead of posts using the code you listed above, which works fine but breaks the highlighting of the currently selected button.

    It’s not a big problem, but might be useful to know.

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome work.


  • Sinchen - am 8. Februar 2009 -

    HI webdemar

    I like the Theme deCoder, but in IE6 browser will have problems.


    Please,Help me


    • Simon [webdemar] - am 9. Februar 2009 -

      @Paul Joy:
      Thanks for the feedback, Paul!

      I decided not to provide support for IE6 any more. The problem is the transparent png image used in the header. If you want to fix it you would need to apply a IE png fix like Unit PNG Fix.

  • Niels - am 11. Februar 2009 -

    Hi Simon, thanks for spreading this awesome deCoder Theme! I’m using it for my site. After modifying deCoder and personalising the theme, my blue footer bar is not in the right position. The footer is as wide as the page and not as wide as in the original deCoder theme. Can you help me out? For site URL see my mail-adress!


    • Simon [webdemar] - am 11. Februar 2009 -

      Thanks for the feedback, Niels! You probably changed the footer of the theme. The div with the id footer has to be outside of the div with the id page. Open the footer.php and check if the end tag of the page div is placed before the footer begins as it is in the original:

  • Niels - am 11. Februar 2009 -

    Simon, thnx. It seems there was another div without end-tags, so now my footer is like this:

    I don’t know why and I don’t know which div has no end-tags (maybe sidebar or page)… The problem is solved, thnx!

  • TaTonka - am 11. Februar 2009 -

    Tnx for the deCoder-Theme. But i have a question:
    Is ist possible to show up my static pages in the blog-header-menu instead of the categories?
    I substituted the wp_list_categories() in the header.php with wp_list_pages() (without any arguments) but that looks crappy. What can i do?
    Thanks in advance…

  • TaTonka - am 11. Februar 2009 -

    ah, thanks.

  • Niels - am 12. Februar 2009 -

    Another question: is it possible to transform the footer of deCoder in such a way that I have my links over there (widgets)? Because now my links-list is too long for appearing in the sidebar. It makes my homepage (static) too ‘long’. Greetz.

  • k kane - am 12. Februar 2009 -

    Hi –
    I use a modified version of this theme (which works great by the way, so few option exist with properly functioning threaded comments!) But I notice my pictures and list items getting all messed up together. Any suggestions?

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 20. Februar 2009 -

      @k kane:
      Ok. I see what you meen. I put

      .box-left ul li, .post ul li, .page ul li {
      	margin: 0px;
      	padding: 0 0 0 20px;
      	background: url(img/bg-list-item-content.png) no-repeat left center;

      Setting the background image position of the list item to left center is not too smart :-| To fix you problem change it to left top or 0px 3px (play around with these).

      Hope this helps.

  • Nathan - am 17. Februar 2009 -

    Using your theme (customized) for my website. You’ve done a fantastic job.

    I have one question though – I want the website to automatically open category 1 (which is my featured content). at the moment it opens up the “home” page which is non-existent in my navigation.

    Any help is appreciated. Even if you just point me in the right direction!

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 20. Februar 2009 -

      Sorry for the late response! Look at this article in the WordPress Codex. Couldn’t explain it any better.

  • y0z2a - am 19. Februar 2009 -

    Hi, in my 404 Error log, I get lots of errors for: ​


    I have re-installed the theme, and it is not there in the .zip from wordpress.

    I love the theme, but the 404′s are annoying me as every page view triggers another error.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank You,


    • Simon [webdemar] - am 20. Februar 2009 -

      Sure, that’s annoying! I just forgot to delete the background image on the class .meta. Open up style.css and remove background from the .mata class:

      .meta {
      	padding: 10px 0 0 0;
      	background: url(img/bg-meta.gif) repeat-x left top; /** delete this line */
      	color: #f8dec7;
      	border-top: 1px dotted #5d5d5d;
      	clear: both;
  • y0z2a - am 19. Februar 2009 -

    ps. I deleted this line:

    background: url(img/bg-meta.gif) repeat-x left top;

    and I think it fixed it…

    I also tried replacing the image with one from your other themes, and it is the background to the tag/date&time of post bar.


    • Simon [webdemar] - am 20. Februar 2009 -

      D’ooh! Now I just see, you fixed it yourself :-D

  • y0z2a - am 20. Februar 2009 -

    no worries mate.

    lovely theme thank you.


  • Miguel Machado - am 21. Februar 2009 -


    Thanks for the theme, he looks great.

    I have done some changes, but after install the “featured content gallery” in home page, the dropdown menu, when opens, goes for the back, like you can see on this images.



    Do you have any idea?!

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 21. Februar 2009 -

      That’s a problem of the z-index. The featured content gallery has an index of 10 and the menu only 2. Open style.css of the theme and fix it here:

      #header {
      	position: relative;
      	height: 180px;
      	background: url(img/bg-header.jpg) no-repeat left top;
      	z-index: 2; /** change this to at least 11 */

      This might already fix you problem :-)

  • Miguel Machado - am 21. Februar 2009 -


    Thanks for the help and for the great theme ;)

  • Kristina - am 22. Februar 2009 -

    I LOVE your theme, but I have this error on my site that I must have caused when I tried to customized it (first time working with a WP theme-previously was a MT user). Can you help at all, cause this error is driving me crazy :( Thanks

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 25. Februar 2009 -

      Sorry, but I don’t see any error. Could you give a more detailed description or maybe a screenshot.

  • Chris - am 26. Februar 2009 -

    Thanks for this great theme ;)

    But i have un small problem with the subscribe 2 plug-in.( http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/subscribe2/)

    Links for images with firefox and IE 7:

    Firefox: http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/6750/firefox.jpg

    IE 7: http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/7071/ie7x.jpg

    Firefox defaut theme: http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/9851/firefoxdefauttheme.jpg

    IE7 defaut theme: http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/9109/ie7defautthemes.jpg

    How can i fix that?

    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’m french.;)

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 26. Februar 2009 -

      Hey Chris, this is actually a bug. I put a width:50% on every input tag. That’s not too clever. You could try to fix the style.css:

      input.text, textarea { /** just added .text to input */
      	width: 50%;
      	height: 23px;
      	margin: 0 0 20px 0;
      	padding: 7px 5px 0 5px;
      	color: #5d5d5d;
      	background: #fff url(img/bg-form-input.png) repeat-x left top;
      	border: none;

      Now there will not be set a width to radio buttons or inputs in general. Another step would be to remove display block from the label tag:

      label {
      	display: block; /** delete this line */
      	margin: 0 0 5px 0;

      Hope this helps :-)

  • Chris - am 26. Februar 2009 -

    Thanks!! It’s perfect!

    The result:

    Firefox: http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/9889/firefoxr.jpg

    IE7: http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/2569/ie7.jpg

    Thanks again!

  • Miguel Machado - am 27. Februar 2009 -

    Hi again!

    I found a new problem. When I open the dropdown menu in Windows (safari, Firefox, IE), it goes to the back of Vimeo video. In other situations like “featured Content” i solve, it works fine, but with a video not.
    Strangely, when I open the site in Mac OS, I haven’t this problem

    I can see in this pics




    • Simon [webdemar] - am 10. März 2009 -

      First of all. Sorry for late response. I’m damn busy lately. The issue you are describing could (as far as I know) only be solved if you alter the code of the flash content. See this article.

  • EinbauStrahler - am 28. Februar 2009 -

    Oh NICE! This makes me want to open a blog just to use it.

  • TaTonka - am 2. März 2009 -

    Is it possible to add a “Previous post – next post” link at the single.php above the post title? I tried to add the corresponding WP-Tag as explained in WP Codex, but it does not appear…

  • Edd Green - am 10. März 2009 -

    Hello there, thanks for this great theme.

    I’m a bit new as a webmaster and using wordpress of course.
    I was using the deCoder theme in my blog with WordPress 2.7, today I upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1 and the theme is not compatible :( the sidebar menu goes right at the bottom of the blog.
    this is how it looks: http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/8556/themeerror.jpg

    can U help to fix this please :(
    I really like this theme, and I don’t want to change it because of this…
    thanks U very much.

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 10. März 2009 -

      Hey Edd. Thanks for using the theme. Could you provide an url to see the site live? I would be surprise if this issue has to do with the theme. But you never know :-)

  • Edd Green - am 10. März 2009 -

    Thank U for your response Simon.
    This is the URL http://www.animeshinta.com
    Since I detected the error I uninstalled wordpress and installed it again, and so with the theme… but the problem seems to be permanent :(
    I hope you can help me, I don’t want to start looking for a new theme, cuz’ I just love this one, and it goes perfect with my website.
    Tanks again Simon.

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 27. März 2009 -

      Sorry for late response. As I could see on your site, the problem is fixed :-)

  • Aknosis - am 12. März 2009 -

    Also a quick note footer.php and header.php also contain use of the short tag <? instead of <?php which might not work on all hosts.

    I also modified the theme to list my pages along the top and categories in the sidebar.

    Thanks for the theme!

  • Paul - am 14. März 2009 -

    How can you make it so that each menu item is indented when on the selected page? Like how Home is when on the Home page.

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 27. März 2009 -

      Sorry for late response. Actually this should already work as you can see in the theme demo.

  • Mohammad - am 16. März 2009 -


    A great simple theme, thanks a lot.

    I have a little problem, If you could help me please…

    When a single page have comments, their title should be (“number” User Comments), but for my site it displays (“number” Comments to “Post-title”

    It took me wages trying to get rid of the “post-title” displayed within the comments title. I wanted it to be for example: 6 User Comments. But I faild.

    The default comment.php was replaces. that makes it very hard to me.

    Can you please help me?
    Thank you

  • WellinformeD - am 16. März 2009 -

    Why in last version Firefox work not correctly?

  • Mohammad - am 16. März 2009 -


    Sorry for the inconvenient.

    My problem got solved, Thanks

  • Burrill - am 20. März 2009 -

    Hey — no bugs to report or anything, just a compliment: the theme is great. Thanks so much for putting it out there!

  • Burrill - am 20. März 2009 -

    Actually … I spoke too soon. I’m having a problem with comments: it seems it won’t recognize any input in the name field. I had name and email set as required, but whenever anyone tried to submit a comment, it tells them to go back and fill in the required fields, even if they already did. I set it not to require name and email just so comments would go through, but I’m still having a problem with the name field, because no names show up with the comment or in the email notifications I get.

    This is a problem that started when I installed the (outstanding) deCoder theme; do you know what the problem might be?

  • Burrill - am 20. März 2009 -

    Well … sorry to hassle you with one more, but this is good news: I just needed to upgrade to wp 2.7.1. It’s all fixed now. Sorry for the multiple comments!

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 27. März 2009 -

      Nevermind. Happy you could fix your problem :-)

  • TTK - am 24. März 2009 -

    Let me ask again:

    Is it possible to add a “Previous post – next post” link at the single.php above the post title? I tried to add the corresponding WP-Tag as explained in WP Codex, but it does not appear…

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 27. März 2009 -

      Sorry for late response. Sure it is possible. The tags have to be within the loop. Could you post your code?

  • Colombo - am 27. März 2009 -

    HI, great theme!Is there eny way to make the home page static?

  • Edd Green - am 27. März 2009 -

    @ Simon…
    yes Simon, a friend of mine checked the theme, and found something that was not close (lol)
    don’t know where…
    well… the problem is fixed… BUT… just in the index… if scroll down and click OLDER ENTRIES (entradas anteriores) and check page 2… U’ll see that the problem now is there :S…


    this also occurs when U select the “Anime” category in the menu :S


    help :(

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 6. April 2009 -

      You can tell your friend that the fix has to be applied to index.php, archive.php and search.php. Hope this helps.

  • Sam - am 28. März 2009 -


    I found a solution for the IE6 menu bug.
    Edit the “sf-menu” class in your superfish.css:

    .sf-menu a {
    float: left;
    display: block;
    position: relative;

    Please report if it works!

    Könntest des Fix ja integrieren wenn er klappt, auch wenn du keinen IE6 mehr unterstützt ;-)

  • Joachim - am 31. März 2009 -

    WOW nice job … I like this theme!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Miguel Machado - am 2. April 2009 -

    Hi again!

    My comment box, is diferent when compared with the demo of this theme…

    You can check here


    Any idea to solve this?!


    • Simon [webdemar] - am 6. April 2009 -

      This is actually a bug. The theme is designed for threaded comments. You can make them work in WP admin > settings > discussion. Please see WordPress Codex.

  • Henry - am 8. April 2009 -

    Hi Webdemar! it’s a tremendous, wickedly cool themes! :D
    i used it on my blog now, and i’m proud of it ;)

    btw, i had a little problem. I do alter some of your themes, but i can’t find a way to bring all categories had a drop down menu. only the 2nd categories had the drop down menu. I already add the sub-menu to each of category parent in the wordpress, but then it still not showing the drop down. the only categories that had a drop down menu is the second categories :(

    i’ve spent hours, but i can’t find how to do it.can you help me? my blog is at http://www.projectamagi.com

    it’s been a pleasure to use your themes, thought :)

    thanks before, i’ll be waiting for your help :)

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 20. April 2009 -

      Thanks Henry, happy you like the theme :-) I’m not sure if I get you right. Actually the drop down menu show up on main categories with subcategories like on your category freethought where Global and Personal show up in the drop down.

      Main category

      • Subcat #1
      • Subcat #2
  • Henry - am 21. April 2009 -

    Hi, thanks for the reply.. :)

    hehe, I think I know what’s my problem. At first, I create many sub categories, without add any post in that categories. That makes the sub-categories doesn’t show as a drop down, simply because it had no post. my problem solved as I try to create test-post in every categories and sub-categories..hehe, thanks a lot Simon, it’s been a pleasure to use your theme :)

  • Ricki - am 1. Mai 2009 -

    Hi Simon

    Great template and nice, tidy css (a man after my own heart) :o ).

    So far I’ve only tested the dropdown menus in Safari and IE7 but there seems to be a bit of an intermittent problem – only in Safari. Sometimes the dropdowns are very wide and sometimes too narrow. This usually happens when returning to the site from another one or modifying a post and returning to the site. If you click on one of the dropdown items the link opens and the dropdown menu is fine again.

    Any thoughts on this?

    You can view the test site here: http://www.shorebirds.org.au/test/

    It will take a number of tries before you’ll see the error. Your comments would be appreciated.

    Thanks for looking at this.

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 8. Mai 2009 -

      Hey Ricki, acutally I could not reproduce your issue right now. But this sound like an issue of the supersubs functionality of the superfish dropdown plugin. I’d recommend that you post your question in the jQuery Mailing List where Joel Birch (author of the plugin) provides support for his plugin. Sorry I couldn’t help :-|

  • Frederik - am 7. Mai 2009 -

    Ich habe das WordPress Theme aktivert aber ich fragte mich, wie man statt den Kategorien, die Seiten in die Navigation einbinden kann, wie das im deFusion ist. Ist das möglich?
    Sonst ist das Theme wirklich sehr gut…

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 8. Mai 2009 -

      Hi Frederik,

      die Frage hatte ich schonmal beantwortet. Guck mal hier ;-)

  • Eric - am 8. Mai 2009 -

    Simon, great theme! I love it and have been able to modify it to fit in nicely with my full website. I am just having one little problem. I cannot seem to remove the “Home” link. I looked for the code in the header and superfish but no luck. Thanks for the help!

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 8. Mai 2009 -

      Hola Eric,

      you were on the right track. Open header.php. In line 57 you find a list item that generates the home link:

    • ">Home
    • Just delete that line and you’re done :-)

  • Frederik - am 8. Mai 2009 -

    Thats really a great theme.
    Can I change the header that the pages were there?

  • Eric - am 8. Mai 2009 -

    Oh man, I don’t know how I missed that. Thank you so much!

  • Frederik - am 8. Mai 2009 -

    Danke vielmal und entschuldigung, dass ich nicht richtig hin geschaut habe.

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 8. Mai 2009 -

      Gar kein Problem! Ich lese auch selten erst 100 Kommentare durch ;-)

  • Ricki - am 12. Mai 2009 -

    Thanks for getting back to me, and for the advice too. I’ll let you know the outcome.

  • Gregg - am 21. Mai 2009 -

    I found a conflict between superfish and some plugins in WordPress. JS error is ‘$(“ul.sf-menu”) is null’. This error occurs because another JS script override $ shortcut.

    To solve this issue, open header.php and replace superfish code with

  • Gregg - am 22. Mai 2009 -

    You’re welcome ;-)

    Thanks for formatting code

  • Nouman - am 6. Juni 2009 -

    nice and decent theme. i really like it.

  • Miguel Machado - am 11. Juni 2009 -

    This theme works in WordPress 2.8?!

    Anyone tested?


  • Steve V - am 15. Juli 2009 -

    Hey Webdemar you’ve got some great themes here currently I’m using this one, deCoder. One thing I’d like to change though is that I’d like the pages to display in the top drop down bar instead of the defaulted catagories. I’m not sure how to acomplish this on my own so I thought I start by asking the creator. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Steve V - am 21. Juli 2009 -

    Thanks Simon it’s perfect now!


  • Thomas - am 22. Juli 2009 -

    Nice Design!

  • Ricki - am 10. August 2009 -

    Hi Simon

    For some reason the content of the sidebar will not change at this site: http://www.creativebydesign.com.au/blog/, even when I change the content in the sidebar.php file. Currently it is holding “Most recent posts”, “search”, “pages” and “login/out”. I’ve got the following code in the sidebar.php file:

    Search this Site




    Can you tell me why this is happening and what I need to do to fix it?



  • Scott - am 5. September 2009 -

    Hi Simon, great theme! I changed my header menu to display pages rather than categories. Is there a way to have it highlight the menu link and its ancestors for the page I am currently on? Still very new to this and really appreciate your help!


  • Miguel Machado - am 7. September 2009 -

    Hi again

    I want to know if is possible to create an external link in the header.For example, I have the pages in the header and i like to put a link named Forum that goes to external link, but looks like the other pages in header…


    Thanks ;)

  • Marco Di Fresco - am 13. September 2009 -

    First I want to congratulate for the theme. It is beautiful.

    I would like to know where is in the template the code that position the blue bar under the top menu.

    To accommodate the Google Friend Connect bar and the advertisement I had to make the header taller, but I can find a way to drag down that blue bar.

    You can see the problem in this screenshot (as I am currently using the previous theme):

    Thank in advance.

    • Simon [webdemar] - am 16. September 2009 -

      This blue bar is a horizontally repeated background image. Look for this file: /wp-content/themes/deCoder/img/bg-body-blue.png

  • mark - am 21. September 2009 -

    very nice theme, just made a new site with it.
    however one small problem, the scroll bar at the bottom is active and you can scroll right (but nothing there), how do i fix this ?

    • mark - am 22. September 2009 -

      sorted, rating plugin was causing the problem

  • mark - am 22. September 2009 -

    i just installed a forum on the website, i have been told by the author of the plugin the reason it is appear in white, is due to the css style used on your theme.
    would you know how to edit the code so, the white areas are the black/dark grey ?