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I think that it is possible to buy and sell virtual currencies themselves without perceiving the system of blockchain technology, but I assert that it will not be negative even if you master it properly.
If you plan to start trading virtual currencies with Coincheck as an exchange in the near future, it is important to be prepared with Don so that you will not be swayed by the excitement and depreciation of a small price.
There is a method of raising funds called ICO in virtual currency, and it means issuing virtual currency called token. The method of raising funds by exchanging tokens is exactly the same as issuing shares.
If you want to buy and sell virtual currencies excluding Bitcoin, we recommend the next most popular stocks such as Ethereum or Litecoin and MonaCoin.
Although it is a virtual currency that is no different from Bitcoin, Ethereum is a brand whose functions are further developed with the technology called smart contracts.

It may be common to buy virtual currency for investment purposes, but since Bitcoin itself is basically a “currency”, it can be used as money.
The price of tokens issued by ICO, a virtual currency that corporations aim to raise funds, fluctuates. The earlier you buy, the cheaper you can get it.
When we start cryptocurrency in the future, we recommend you to open an account with Bit Flyer, the largest in Japan. It is famous as the largest exchange in Japan with capital and transaction amount.
Some people say, “I want to trade multiple times at a low price,” while others say, “I want to make a big game at once.” If you are thinking of trading with high leverage, GMO Coin is your first choice.
Regarding mining, there is solo mining that only one person can do it, but no one can argue that it is physically impossible for an amateur to do mining by himself.

If you start trading cryptocurrencies with BitFlyer, make sure you don’t buy as hard as possible. This is because the market price may rise or fall.
I was taught that there are more than 700 types of altcoins, from well-known to low-known ones. I think it’s easy to understand that it is different from Bitcoin.
Anyone who wants to invest in virtual currency must have the ability to respond to it. Anyway, it is obvious that the proposals that can be viewed in the virtual currency ICO are legible.
Regarding virtual currency, it has become so popular that it is featured in investment magazines. If you want to try it yourself, I would recommend getting a small face value Bitcoin as part of your study.
In order to start trading virtual currency, you have to buy bitcoin, but some people do not have money, so in that case, we recommend that you go out to mining and get it.

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